How to Build a Pool Waterfall


Convert your pool from exhausting to chic by adding a waterfall. Whether you construct a custom waterfall or an effectively built feature from an unit, your addition will add style and quality to your yard. Study Before You Build Set a budget. A waterfall can take anyplace from a couple of hundred dollars to some […]

About Swimming Pool Tile & Coping


Swimming pools are especially challenging structures to construct on the grounds that they are solicited to arrangement continually with one of nature’s generally productive eroding executors: water. Around the obstructions that both keep water in the pool and keep it from annihilating the territory outside the pool are pool tile and pool coping. These two […]

How to Replaster A Pool


Replastering an inground pool is no simple assignment (ask any swimming pool manufacturer!), however provided that you are dependent upon the diligent work, you can save a considerable measure of cash by replastering it yourself. Usually, a gunite pool should be replastered each 7-12 years depending on how it is introduced and maintained. On the […]

How do I Remodel Pool Lights?


Universal swimming pool lights give safety while you swim around evening time. They are clear or white. Light-transmitting diode (LED) lights are accessible as pool lights in a few colors to match your décor. A few models of LED spheres change gradually from one shade to another to light the pool in a rainbow of […]

Alternatives to Pool Replastering


Standard white plaster is frequently the minimum exorbitant choice for resurfacing a pool, however there are choices that are less demanding to maintain, less helpless to stains and more extended enduring. Quartz, tile, fiberglass, rock and stone surfaces are a percentage of the more well known plausible outcomes offered by pool resurfacing contractors. To choose […]

How to Level an Above Ground Swimming Pool


Leveling the ground to put in a new above ground pool is that the absolute correct method of beginning the project. If your pool is already up and it either began unlevel or shifted into that unfortunate position there’s only 1 answer which is to require it down and start once more. The pressure of […]

How to Replace and Repair Pool Tiles


This article can describe the way to replace and repair pool tile higher than the water line and conjointly below the water line. Yes, it’s potential to stay tiles back on even underwater. Instructions Hopefully you have got saved the tiles that came off otherwise you have enough new ones available. Clean them as best […]

Salt Water Pool Maintenance Tips


Salt water pools are increasing in popularity in recent years as a result of generally, they’re more cost-effective to possess and need quite slightly less work than ancient swimming pools do. However, salt water pools also can be lots a lot of work than chlorinated pools if you are doing not understand what you’re doing. […]

Maintenance Tips for Energy Efficiency


Maintain economical daily operations. flip down the pool heater when the pool isn’t in use and maintain applicable water temperatures when in use (78°-80° for active swimming, 82°-84° for recreational use).  Raising the water temperature simply 1°F will prices an extra ten – half-hour, betting on your location. Keep a thermometer within the pool to […]

6 Pool Remodeling Options


One of the foremost fashionable comes within the realm of pool reworking is resurfacing the pool itself. These days there are various artistic choices which will offer you a pool that is not like any of the opposite ones in your neighborhood. to induce you started, here are six choices you may consider: Pebble Tec […]