Adding a Spa to Your Pool

Who would not need a spa connected to their pool? A built-in spa, connected to a similar filter system, and sharing one heater (although a separate pump/filter/heater will be installed), very brings added worth to your outside oasis.
There are pre-fabricated spas simply} will basically just plop onto the corner or facet or finish of your pool, when some considerable trenching, plumbing and wiring is completed. These sorts are raised up higher than the pool deck by 6-12 inches and frequently overflow into the pool.
Pre-fab spas work best for integrating with vinyl pools, and might be a reasonably easy and low-cost installation. Gunite pools (concrete pools), will have a spa added nearly anywhere round the edge, however nearer to the equipment pad can cut back prices for plumbing and electrical runs. The spa will be raised up higher than the deck, or will be dug next to the pool wall, so the pool and spa are on a similar level. a preferred methodology is to line the spa higher than the pool, with steps leading up to it, presumably on each side, and overflowing into the pool.