Salt Water Pool Maintenance Tips

Salt water pools are increasing in popularity in recent years as a result of generally, they’re more cost-effective to possess and need quite slightly less work than ancient swimming pools do. However, salt water pools also can be lots a lot of work than chlorinated pools if you are doing not understand what you’re doing. Follow the following pointers to create salt water pool maintenance a breeze:

  1. The salt level needs to be just right.┬áSo as to remain clean, your pool has got to have an even level of salt within the water. The salt is required so as to provide chlorine within the water naturally so it’ll keep clean. every salt water system is simply slightly bit completely different than following, therefore you must browse the manual and talk over with the pool retailer that you just purchase the system from. the number of salt that’s optimal for your pool can vary in line with size of the pool and size of the system.
  2. Keep the pH between 7.4 and 7.8. If you’ve got ever owned a standard chlorinated pool, then you acknowledge that this is often a lot of more than the pH that was optimal for it. this is often as a result of salt water pools do naturally need a way higher pH. bear in mind to see the amount twice every week and place in some a lot of muriatic acid as is required so as to stay the pH level within the right vary.
  3. Don’t think that you don’t need to run the filter. Chlorine is of course created in salt water pools when the filter is running, therefore it’s important that you just sustain with filtration. throughout the summer, you may most likely have to be compelled to run the filter eight hours daily, with four hours within the morning and 4 within the evening. throughout the winter regarding six hours of filtration is perfect. positive|make certain|make sure|take care} to see together with your native pool store to create sure the precise quantity of your time you wish to run the filter as these times will vary from system to system and in line with size of the pool.
  4. Keep the salt cell clean. Your salt chlorinator’s manual can justify a way to clean the salt cell. this is often one among the foremost vital components of maintaining a salt water pool as a result of if it isn’t clean, then your pool won’t produce the number of chlorine necessary to stay it clean. Check the cell frequently for calcium buildup and clean it out.
  5. Make sure the cyanuric acid level stays between twenty and sixty ppm. Once again, check the manual of the system you bought to check what the optimal level is. Cyanuric acid is additionally referred to as conditioner or stabilizer, and it really helps keep the chlorine level stable.

If done right, salt water pool maintenance may be a heap less work than caring for a normal chlorine pool, however you’ve got to understand what you are doing.