How do I Remodel Pool Lights?

Universal swimming pool lights give safety while you swim around evening time. They are clear or white. Light-transmitting diode (LED) lights are accessible as pool lights in a few colors to match your décor. A few models of LED spheres change gradually from one shade to another to light the pool in a rainbow of color. Headed pool lights overhaul your pool’s manifestation and use as meager as 10 percent of the energy for the same spendor you get from customary pool lights.


  1. Turn the swimming pool electrical switch off.
  2. Embed a screwdriver into the screw at the highest point of the light fixture. Turn the screw counterclockwise to slacken and remove it.
  3. Place a screwdriver under the tab at the fixture lowest part and press it to discharge it. Wiggle the fixture all over and back and forward to extricate it and haul it out of the pool wall. Place the fixture on a towel at the edge of the pool.
  4. Remove all screws around the fixture. More senior models have eight screws around the border; newer models have one screw on a band.
  5. Pry the glass lens out of the fixture tenderly with a screwdriver and set it on the towel. Push in on the globule and turn it counterclockwise to remove it. Set the globule on a towel.
  6. Screw a new LED light globule clockwise into the fixture. Place a new lens gasket on the fixture and push the glass lens onto it.
  7. Replace the fixture, addition it and tighten all the screws around it, or the band with one screw, depending on the fixture.
  8. Encourage the wiring into the pool wall specialty and embed the fixture. Snap the fixture into the tab at the base. Replace the top screw and tighten it clockwise.
  9. Turn the swimming pool electrical switch on.