How to Level an Above Ground Swimming Pool

Leveling the ground to put in a new above ground pool is that the absolute correct method of beginning the project. If your pool is already up and it either began unlevel or shifted into that unfortunate position there’s only 1 answer which is to require it down and start once more. The pressure of the water within a spherical pool pushes equally on the walls. that’s what the designers planned on and took into account once computation the pools structural integrity. An imbalance puts further pressure on one space, which can collapse underneath the strain. Here is what you would like to try to to.


  1. Locate you pool at intervals shut proximity of your house, wherever you may have an open read of the area to insure the protection of the structure and therefore the users. It should air level ground and not on or close to a incline. There shouldn’t be any trees or power lines overhead and therefore the space must be freed from potential underground issues like buried cables and pipes, huge tree roots or creatures like crabs or gophers. you may ought to run electricity to the positioning and it ought to get full sun throughout the day.
  2. When leveling the positioning use a transit. If one isn’t offered, then you would like to form a leveling tool. Use an extended 2-inch thick by 4-inch wide board whose length ought to live half the diameter of your pool. you may have to be compelled to drill a 3/4-inch deep hole into the bottom of the board close to the tip.
  3. Pick the middle purpose of your pool site and use your shovel to get rid of the sod in a very 3-foot space. With the middle space cleared, it ought to be rock bottom purpose at intervals the pool space. Hammer a small wooden stake flush into the ground at dead centre. Next, hammer a nail into high|the highest} of the stake and place the opening within the long board on top of it.
  4. With the board touching the ground at dead center, place your level thereon and slowly begin to steer the board round the entire pool space. take away all sod within the pool space together with your shovel, in order that the board moves freely all round the circle. invariably take soil removed from the world to attain level ground, ne’er use fill dirt to boost it to level.
  5. The weight of the water within the pool can compress any fill dirt and cause instability and probable collapse, that voids the manufacturer’s warrant. take away all rocks, tree roots or sticks. the whole space should be wholly free from something that would puncture all-time low of your pool liner. If you intend to try to to landscaping close to the pool extend your leveling method by as much as you may want.
  6. Next, you ought to spray grass and weed killer over the whole pool website space to form positive nothing grows underneath the pool. Cover the bottom space with black plastic, which is able to function a weed barrier.
  7. Add the proper quantity of masonry sand into the middle of the pool space and unfold it out, wet and tamp repeatedly until the sand is firm and at a equal height of 4-inches.
  8. Check your new pool instructions to ascertain what percentage support posts your pool and how close they’re to every different. A customary size at intervals the pool trade is 4-feet between posts. you may have to be compelled to bury that a lot of patio blocks so that they are flush with ground level on the perimeter of the pool and spaced in step with the directions equal from one another. Place your leveling tool between sets of embedded patio blocks and check one last time for level everyplace.