How to Paint a Swimming Pool

We’ve been terribly reluctant to suggest painting swimming pools. indeed we have a tendency to don’t provide it with our pool service in Dallas, TX; Plano, TX and surrounding areas at now. sadly in our expertise swimming pool paint is commonly not applied properly and as such doesn’t last terribly long. Painting a swimming pool is labor intensive and needs an intensive quantity of labor. conjointly to try and do paint work properly the prices are usually an honest a part of the value of a re-plaster. This sometimes suggests that a re-plaster could be a higher investment.
Painting a swimming pool are often performed on a pool with previous plaster or a swimming pool that has had paint on its surfaces already. Over time swimming pool plaster can discolor, mottle, and roughen. Plaster will last variety of years, however the time it lasts is basically keen about the environment and on usage (assuming chemistry is being properly maintained).
Since we have a tendency to don’t normally suggest painting a swimming pool (but apprehend some pool house owners can do it anyway), the goal of this post is to offer swimming pool house owners a cursory review of what’s concerned with painting a pool. we might counsel you raise your native paint retailer regarding the most effective sorts of pool paint and conjointly follow the directions on the cans of paint for best results.

Painting a swimming pool will require:

  1. Mask
  2. Rubber gloves
  3. Goggles
  4. Utility knives
  5. Paint brushes, roller, and paint pans
  6. Epoxy paint or chlorinated rubber paint (you may have primer)
  7. Sandblaster (can usually be rented)

Types of swimming pool paint:

Epoxy primarily based paint prices a trifle additional however can last longer than chlorinated rubber paint. If you have already got a painted pool and don’t apprehend what form of paint you’ve got you’ll be able to usually take a chip of your existing paint from your swimming pool into a neighborhood paint sales location for verifying it. whereas you’re there check to ascertain if they will tell you the way several coats or layers of paint are on your pool walls. it’s common to want constant variety of layers once you re-paint your swimming pool.

Drain your swimming pool:

Empty your pool of water utterly. make sure to try and do this at a time when there’s not any rain expected. Note: never try this if you’ve got a solid fiberglass primarily based pool or vinyl liner. once draining look over all the surfaces and see if you’ll be able to spot any cracks or areas where gunite is showing through. If you’ve got cracks or gunite showing you ought to schedule to own this stuff repaired by a neighborhood skilled swimming pool company.

Sandblast the surfaces to remove existing paint:

After utterly emptying your swimming pool you’re reading to start the sandblasting. Sandblasters may cost $75-$100 per day for a rental at a neighborhood Home Depot or alternative rental look. once sandblasting you ought to water all the surfaces to scrub them and permit them to dry. certify there’s no paint or sand remaining. bear in mind to wear the right protecting gear when sandblasting.

Paint the swimming pool:

Apply primer as required betting on the sort of paint you’re using.  Use a roller on the big areas by rolling vertically. you’ll be able to use paint brushes around corners, pool drains, and fittings or returns. you’ll seemingly got to use two or three coats of paint. it’s useful to avoid painting you pool in high humidity as humid air can have an effect on how long it takes the paint to dry. Follow the directions on your pool paint cans to work out how long the paint has to dry before adding water to your swimming pool.

The alternative: New Plaster

If once reading this you’re thinking that re-plastering could be a far better different please provide us a decision. we might love the chance to talk with you this if your swimming pool is within the Dallas space. additionally to providing pool service to Dallas, we have a tendency to conjointly serve Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Flower Mound and surrounding cities within the North aspect of the DFW Metroplex.