How to Replace and Repair Pool Tiles

This article can describe the way to replace and repair pool tile higher than the water line and conjointly below the water line. Yes, it’s potential to stay tiles back on even underwater.


  1. Hopefully you have got saved the tiles that came off otherwise you have enough new ones available. Clean them as best you’ll be able to while not breaking them. Get as much of the recent cement off the rear of the tile as is feasible. they will be placed within the dishwasher if you have got one. Squirt cigarette lighter fluid (naphtha)on the rear to wash any suntan oils off and allow them to dry while not wiping.
  2. Lay out your tiles near wherever they’ll be put in therefore you’ll be able to grasp them quickly. Don’t bit the rear of the tiles therefore on not get finger print oils on them. Once you begin applying the 3M 5200 adhesive seal the task can move on quickly therefore be ready. The caulk dries very quickly.
  3. Follow the directions on the seal tube to get the flow started. Once you have got the material beginning of the nozzle, place a bead round the outside back face of the tile. Leave a couple of quarter inch gap therefore the water will get out once you press the tile in place if you’re doing this below water. Otherwise you do not ought to leave a gap.
  4. Make sure you have got lots of seal tubes to complete the duty. when a day or two of established time within the pool, you’ll be able to return and use additional caulk within the gap between tiles. you may use it as grout therefore to talk. Best to use rubber gloves if you wish to wipe the bead. If you cotton on on your hands it’ll need to wear off, takes an extended time.